Meet our furry family

It happened almost by accident.

We started bringing our dogs to the office, and the next thing we knew, our clients kept asking about them. Now that our golden retrievers regularly come to work with us, they’re far more popular than we are!

The next time you visit, make sure to glance around for one of our Donaldson dogs. You may not have to look far, because they often take it upon themselves to act as our welcoming committee. Until then, here’s a peek at our canine crew:



Proud Parents: Rob and Margaret
Born In: 2013
Favorite Human Food: Carrots
Favorite Activity: Jumping off the dock
Also Loves To: Work at Margaret Donaldson Interiors
Hates To: Exercise
Sleeps: At the foot of our bed
Never Gets Tired of: Swimming 
Thinks She’s: Human
Greets our Clients With: A friendly nudge to pet her



Proud Parents: Robert and Rene
Born In: 2020
Favorite Human Food: Blueberries
Favorite Activity: Swimming!
Also Loves To: Work at Daniel Island Club with her Mom
Hates To: Get out of the water
Sleeps: In her bed
Never Gets Tired of: Chasing her tail
Thinks She’s: Human
Greets our Clients With: Tail wags       Pictured with Abby



Proud Parents: Legrand and Natalie
Born In: 2018
Favorite Human Food: Peanut butter and cheese
Favorite Activity: Catching the Frisbee
Also Loves To: Swim and play in any water
Hates To: Be anywhere near a vacuum
Sleeps: In the bed...spoiled
Never Gets Tired of: Playing with her friend Luna
Thinks She’s: one of us!
Greets our Clients With: A wagging tail and a smile

Our dogs are the best. Our people aren’t so bad either!